How to choose your convertible sofa?

How to choose your convertible sofa?

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Having a convertible sofa means enjoying a seat during the day and a bed at night. Perfect in small spaces, and more particularly in student studios, the convertible sofas allow us to receive our loved ones and our family. There are many models and not all have the same use. How to choose your convertible sofa? Let us try to answer this question together.

Determine the future use of the sofa

Before you run out and buy your convertible sofa, you need to ask yourself the right questions. How often do you plan to sleep in it? In which room will it be placed? What dimensions? What design? It is obvious that you will not choose the same convertible sofa in the living room, for occasional use, and in a studio, for daily use. Because we are all sensitive to the decor of our interior, it is possible to determine the covering and the color of the convertible sofa. And yes, sometimes it is this criterion that allows you to choose between two sofas.

The different convertible sofas

In the large convertible family, we find the benches. These consist of a folded mattress covered with a cover. The mattress is used for both sleeping and sitting. If folded in half, the convertible sofa is called click-clack, if the mattress is folded in three, it is called BZ. The convertible sofas on their side have a seat but also a mattress and a box spring which folds up under the seat. Sofas and benches are two separate products. While the convertible sofa seems to be mistaken for a classic sofa with a worked back, a wide seat and armrests, the bench serves more as an occasional piece of furniture.

The criteria for choosing the convertible sofa

When you buy your convertible sofa, you will have to pay attention to the quality of the mattress. The more the bedding is used, the more the mattress will have to be durable. For an occasional bed, you can opt for a medium density foam mattress (less than 30kg / m²). For regular bedding, prefer high density foam mattresses (over 30kg / m²). For daily bedding, choose the memory foam, latex or foam mattress.
The installation mechanism must also be solid. Make sure of the quality of the latter as well as the ease of opening. If you have to force it, chances are the convertible sofa won't last for years. Finally, make sure you have room to convert your sofa into a bed. For this, choose furniture on casters around the sofa to free up space when you make the bed. For more convenience, some convertible sofas offer storage space. It's still useful, and it's not more expensive!