Create a polished concrete work plan

Create a polished concrete work plan

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Trendy, waxed concrete is invited in all your rooms and on all surfaces. We can therefore imagine a work plan for your kitchen but beware this raw material requires a certain technique. The editorial office offers you to discover the different stages of production in pictures.

The essential utensils

Mercadier is the specialist in waxed concrete. He underlines the importance of suitable equipment and good tools for successful plastering. If you are starting out on your own, you will need: - a balance - a plaster with rounded angles - a painter's knife - an electric impeller / agitator (which can be mounted on a power drill) - d '' a sponge to rub, monobrush (for a large surface)

Steps to make waxed concrete

Step 1 : prepare the support: sanding, scraping, cleaning, degreasing. 2nd step : apply any primer suitable for your substrate. Stage 3 : prepare the mixture of powder and liquid. Step 4 : apply the first layer to the stainless steel trowel on a thickness slightly less than the desired final layer (about 1.5 mm). Step 5 : rub a few hours after the first pass with a damp sponge. Step 6 : apply the second layer in the same way as the first but in a finer way to obtain a smooth and tight finish. Step 7 : sand manually the next day. Step 8 : protect 5 to 7 days later.

Other technique according to Mercadier

To facilitate the use of waxed concrete and its application, Mercadier launched the SHOT. This new format of waxed concrete is now ready for use, so there is no need for prior preparation and ease of application. Here is an overview: Step 1 : mix the color.
2nd step : pour the colored liquid into the powder.
Stage 3 : mix the two components.
Step 4 : apply the first coat with a stainless steel float.
Step 5 : apply a second, thinner layer, fresh in fresh.
Final step : dry, sand and protect. Waxed concrete is available in 72 colors: almond, garnet, jade, black grapes…

Private lessons

Accessible to all, training in the use of polished concrete is now offered by Mercadier. The specialist gives you the opportunity to transmit his know-how through initiation modules. Surrounded by professionals, you can then take ownership of the gestures and familiarize yourself with the surfaces. Several formulas are proposed both to professionals and to individuals so that the realization of float decorative mortars or decorative concrete is no longer a mystery for you. Mercadier training center: Information and registration on [email protected] or 04 42 27 11 36 Training dates available