Tutorial: a wool bookmark

Tutorial: a wool bookmark

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Well, certainly, this book is very nice, magic, scar, ponies, etc., but re-reading the same passage three times by dint of looking where you left off risks ruining everything! To save you from such mishaps, today we are going to learn how to make a wool bookmark.


- a ball of yarn - a piece of cardboard - a pair of scissors Budget: around 5 € Duration: 30 minutes


1. To begin, cut two circles 10 cm in diameter from a piece of cardboard.
2. Overlap the two pieces of cardboard and start wrapping a woolen thread around them. Our tip: cut pieces of woolen thread of around 100 cm to facilitate winding.
3. Continue winding the wire until the cardboard circles are completely covered.
4. Carefully cut the woolen threads with the scissors between the two cardboard circles.
5. Cut a 20 cm piece of woolen thread. Pass it between the two circles by winding all the pieces of woolen thread. Tighten lightly, then remove the two circles.
6. Cut a 30 cm piece of woolen thread. Pass it through the loop of the woolen thread tightening all the pieces of woolen thread and tie a knot.
7. Tighten the first piece of woolen thread, then cut the pompom with scissors to have a well round shape.


In less than half an hour you have created a super cute bookmark! All you have to do is sit on your pretty homemade beanbag and start reading again!
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