Kit staircase: how much does it cost?

Kit staircase: how much does it cost?

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Usually made of metal or wood, a kit staircase is a model halfway between the custom staircase and the traditional series staircase. Whether it is quarter turn, helical or straight, its price varies depending on many factors. How much can a staircase in kit cost? Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a staircase installation

Stairs in kit form: from a few hundred euros to over 1000 euros

It should be noted that a kit staircase is very affordable. Indeed, it is a model whose components come from mass production. Thus, it is possible to find on the market a version of this type of staircase for a few hundred euros. However, depending on the model and the quality of the materials used for its construction, a kit staircase can cost up to 1000 euros. There are models whose price can even exceed 1000 euros. It is clear that the quality versions are the most expensive on the market. The choice of a kit staircase should be made taking into account not only the budget available but also its constraints and desires.

Stairs in kit: material, shape, dimensions determine the price

As mentioned above, the price of a kit staircase depends in particular on the type of material used for its design. In general, a kit staircase built in a wood species like oak will have a higher cost. Indeed, such a model is more resistant. For a fir version for example, the price is lower. In addition, it is good to emphasize that the shape is also another element to take into account in the calculation of the price of a staircase in kit. The cost of this type of staircase also depends on its dimensions. Prior to any purchase, therefore, define your priorities.


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