Comparative kitchen designers: 10 brands on the test bench

Comparative kitchen designers: 10 brands on the test bench

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To create the kitchen of your dreams, you just need to go to a kitchen designer today. But among the many existing brands, it is often difficult to find your bearings. Some offer very competitive prices, others boast their expertise in the field, others still highlight their different labels and awards. We therefore sifted through the services offered by 10 kitchen designers. All you have to do is make your choice!

Mobalpa: Kitchens that adapt to everyone's lifestyle

Designed and manufactured on the brand's own production site, in Thônes in Haute-Savoie and sold at 280 points of sale, Mobalpa kitchens are structured around 45 customizable models that adapt to everyone's needs! Whether the space is large or small, separate or integrated into the living room, each of the kitchens has been designed to create a welcoming living room that is perfectly integrated into its environment. In terms of decor, the brand offers 294 facade finishes, 107 worktop colors, 61 handles and knobs, a collection of kitchen accessories: sink, faucet, bar, lighting and table in particular, personalized equipment (integrated spots, worktop 66 to 104 cm high, etc.). On the service side, the cook guarantees support throughout the project. On the website, a "my project" area allows the customer to list his favorite models and materials, take measurements of his piece, follow the progress of his project and find the nearest store. Similarly, the site offers to make an appointment online. Regarding deadlines, it takes about 2 months between the commercial meeting and the actual installation of the kitchen. In terms of guarantees, kitchen furniture is guaranteed for 5 years. For 1 month, it is however possible to report any imperfection in the kitchen. This is then corrected "free of charge". Finally, Mobalpa benefits from the NF Environment eco-label which guarantees the limitation of environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of the furniture. The typical kitchen, including installation and appliances, costs 8000 euros on average.

Darty: Outstanding service quality

From appliances to the fitted kitchen, there was only one step. Darty crossed it eight years ago and became a kitchen designer. In its 200 stores, all equipped with a kitchen department, Darty now offers more than 30 different models, 1,500 combinations of materials and colors for furniture and worktops, more than 100 models of sinks and mixers and many accessories. From advice to planning, including equipment, site monitoring, Darty takes care of everything! The quality of the service being the strong point of the brand. It takes between 2 and 3 months to have your kitchen delivered and installed. On the finance side, Darty joined forces with the financial organization Sofinco to create a financial company: Menafinance. It develops solutions to simplify credit purchases. In terms of guarantees, Darty guarantees furniture for 5 years and 2 years for worktops, storage equipment and electrical equipment. A typical kitchen with appliances costs an average of 9,000 euros.

Conforama: A custom kitchen for small budgets

The furniture specialist now offers 24 kitchen models that adapt to small budgets (600 euros to over 1000 euros), the desired style (classic, charming, authentic, contemporary) and the layout of the room. The brand offers two solutions: kit cooking or custom cooking. Once the model has been defined, it is possible to opt for delivery or not, installation or not. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. To guarantee high quality, all of the brand's models are made in Germany or Italy and are available in the brand's 205 stores. On the innovation side, Conforama offers an online design tool that helps the customer create a custom kitchen in a few clicks. Once the kitchen is designed, Conforama offers the customer the best kitchen design solutions. It is then possible to customize the furniture, choose the finishing elements and add the appliances. To finalize the project, all you have to do is go to the store. As for guarantees, the furniture is guaranteed for 5 years and the appliance for 2 years. An equipped kitchen costs on average 1500 euros.

Goal: To each his own kitchen

Specialist in furniture for the whole house, But has 20 models of authentic style, design or nature with more than 6 finishes and 10 colors. On the budget side, the brand offers different models ranging from 300 euros to more than 1,500 euros. Regarding the service, a specialist follows the progress of the project from creation to delivery. A design tool called Planner But 3 D allows you to draw the kitchen, arrange it and view it in 3D. Once the project has been defined, it is possible to deepen it with a kitchen advisor and benefit from his expertise. The delivery and installation of the kitchen are offered by But, which uses its approved network of professional installers. On the finance side, the brand offers tailor-made payment. With the personalized solutions of But and its financial partner Fidem, the payment of the kitchen is done smoothly. In terms of guarantees, But guarantees kitchen elements for 2 years and up to 30 years for the Signature line. The average price of a typical kitchen costs around 2000 euros.

Lapeyre: The democratization of high-end

This is the credo of this kitchen designer, who has existed as such for almost 20 years and has almost 129 stores in France. With nearly 35 different models of kitchens on offer, Lapeyre has an extensive range. The brand's website is full of information and offers a virtual tool based on 30 kitchen models allowing you to get an idea of ​​your future kitchen. Advice sheets are also available explaining everything you need to think about before choosing your kitchen. Very informative. In terms of services, the brand takes charge of the complete installation of the kitchen. From taking measurements at home, to installation at the home through the delivery. Regarding the installation, the customer has three options: he can do it himself, simply request that the kitchen be assembled in the workshop, or finally have the kitchen installed from A to Z. On the finance side, payment facilities are offered by Lapeyre. Regarding the guarantees, Lapeyre entrusts a guarantee booklet to its customers detailing the good actions to maintain its kitchen and the various guarantees (5 years for a Prima kitchen). Regarding certifications, Lapeyre benefits from the FSC and PEFC labels signifying a commitment to sustainable development and also from ISO9001 certification (distinction relating to the quality management system). The price of Lapeyre kitchens sold without appliances and without installation varies between 549 and 2705 euros.

Arthur Bonnet: Design kitchens

The Arthur Bonnet brand was created in 1976 and today has around a hundred stores in France. The kitchen designer highlights a design concept for his 17 kitchen models thanks to a collaboration with designers like Didier Gomez or Thibault Desombres. He also received the 2009 Observeur du Design award for "Rendez-vous" cuisine. Arthur Bonnet's website offers practical information on the questions most often asked of kitchen designers, grouped by theme. As for services, Arthur Bonnet takes care of everything, from the design of the kitchen thanks to the sellers trained for this purpose, to installation and delivery. Regarding payment, Arthur Bonnet is associated with two credit organizations: Sofinco and Franfinance. As for innovations, Arthur Bonnet will release next fall a truly tailor-made product, in the dimensions chosen by the client. Regarding guarantees, kitchen furniture is guaranteed for 10 years. It takes about 6 weeks for delivery. Finally, Arthur Bonnet benefits from the FSC label, committing to sustainable development. The typical family kitchen sold by Arthur Bonnet costs an average of 8,000 euros, including household appliances and services.

Kitchen in the Bath: High-end and avant-garde kitchens

La Cuisine dans le Bain, created in 1997, has the particularity of having a team composed mainly of women. And they clearly claim it, highlighting their listening skills and their side of cooking as mothers of families! La Cuisine dans le Bain offers a dozen high-end kitchens and Italian-made design. The interior design consultants help the client make the right choices in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The Kitchen in the Bath offers tailor-made solutions for cupboards, credenzas and tables. The website offers, among other things, an explanation of feng shui and its application in the kitchen. Very informative ! In terms of services, the kitchen specialist takes care of the complete installation of the kitchen, from taking measurements at the customer's premises to installation. Regarding guarantees, furniture is guaranteed for 5 years and appliances for 2 years. On the financial side, payment facilities are possible. It takes about 2 months for delivery. Finally on the label side, La Cuisine dans le Bain benefits from the ISO9001 label (distinction relating to the quality management system). The typical kitchen, including installation and appliances, costs from 15,000 to 20,000 euros on average.

Ikea: Kitchens guaranteed for 25 years

Created in 1943, Ikea entered the kitchen market in 1968. Ikea's strength is to offer exceptional guarantees on its kitchens: furniture, interior fittings, worktops and sinks are guaranteed by 25 years, the mixers are guaranteed 10 years and the household appliances 5 years. The Ikea site offers a virtual tool allowing you to preview your kitchen. The kitchen is responsible for taking the measurements, with explanatory sheets available on the website. The brand offers delivery and three options for installation: "do it yourself" (therefore not billed!), "Do it together" (the installers do most of the work and the customer determines what it can install itself) and "let us do it" (full installation). Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Note that you can leave with your kitchen items when you leave the store if you wish and if you are equipped! On the financial side, Ikea offers various payment facilities thanks to an Ikea credit card. The cost of a kitchen sold by Ikea excluding appliances, installation and delivery varies between 445 and 1,095 euros.

Schmidt: An abundant supply

A cook for 50 years, Schmidt has around 260 stores in France. Leader in the French market for fitted kitchens, the kitchen designer has a plethora of cooking offers. More than 60 models are offered to customers with possibilities of interior and exterior colors (27 colors are available for the boxes), various dimensions and other endless customizations. The various modules of Schmidt kitchens are manufactured in Schmidt factories in France and Germany. The kitchen designer offers full support for the kitchen, until installation. Delivery times range from 6 to 8 weeks. On the finance side, Schmidt is a partner of a financial organization for payment facilities. In terms of guarantees, Schmidt guarantees furniture for 5 years and household appliances for 2 years. Concerning the labels, Schmidt is clearly committed to sustainable development and benefits from the NF label for certain ranges of kitchens. The kitchen designer is also certified ISO14001 (environment), ISO9001 (distinction relating to the quality management system) and OHSAS18001 (distinction relating to the management of health and safety at work). Finally Schmidt received the Janus design label for In & Out cuisine. A typical family kitchen with appliances costs an average of 9,000 euros.

Hygena: Kitchens at low prices

With 26 years of existence, Hygena has 152 stores in France. The kitchen operator's stated policy is price transparency and regular promotional offers. Hygena offers around forty different kitchen models as well as around sixty facades. The Hygena website offers advice on kitchen layout grouped by theme, as well as a 3D tool for previewing your future kitchen. The delivery and installation of the kitchen is offered by Hygena, which uses approved subcontractors and installers. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. On the finance side, Hygena is a partner of the financial organization Sofinco, enabling payment facilities. In terms of guarantees, Hygena guarantees kitchen furniture for 5 years and household appliances for 2 years. A typical kitchen sold by Hygena with installation and appliances costs on average 5,200 euros.