How I saved my wallet: garden furniture

How I saved my wallet: garden furniture

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A few weeks away from summer, here is the garden which demands its new furniture! But not just any, and especially not at any price! If this year, outdoor decoration rhymes with economy, discover without further delay our selection of garden furniture as chic as it is affordable. Good shopping ! Wood, rattan, steel, woven resin, this summer, the outdoor space adopts a garden furniture that looks like it. The only constraint: respect a budget that does not exceed 700 euros! The editor promises you that it is possible, without neglecting the decorative aspect! For a terrace that aims to be 100% contemporary, we advise you to turn to woven resin furniture. This material in vogue for several years, no longer has to prove itself! Black, brown or gray, all you have to do is select your favorite color! If you want to add a touch of authenticity to your terrace, go to Fermob to discover their steel garden furniture with romantic curves. Do you prefer natural atmospheres? This time, it is to the wooden garden furniture that you should go. Very trendy, graphic and very warm, it blends easily into the decor. Fancy a retro atmosphere in the garden? Look no further and adopt a rattan lounge. As comfortable indoors as outdoors, this material is the charming asset of our decor. Finally last little advice before you start: dare the color! A garden imagined under the sign of good humor is always very pleasant to look at.
1. The set of 2 chairs and an ABBIE rattan table, € 83.30 at Truffaut / 2. The 4-seat garden furniture Fermob, € 660 at Delamaison / 3. The garden furniture Catalana, € 579 at Leroy Merlin / 4. Cannes garden furniture, € 619 at Boutique-jardin / 5. ÄPPLARÖ / HALLÖ 4-seat set, € 457 at Ikea / 6. Aster garden furniture, € 499 at Botanic / 7. Miami lounge blue lagoon mottled, € 299 at Hespéride


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