Vitra revives Jean Prouvé's furniture

Vitra revives Jean Prouvé's furniture

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Already in 2002, Vitra had started to repost creations by the French architect and designer Jean Prouvé. This year, it is with the fashion designer G-Star RAW, and in close collaboration with the Prouvé family, that Vitra launches the Prouvé RAW Office Edition collection: 10 reissues of original furniture and lighting, designed by Jean Prouvé. Made of steel, solid wood, leather and fabric, and available in elegant shades of industrial green, these pieces pay homage to the design of the industrial era of the 1940s.

Jean Prouvé, architect and designer with many facets

Born in Paris in 1901, Jean Prouvé first turned to goldsmithing, before taking an interest in architecture and design. Based in Nancy, in 1924 he created his own workshop where he produced furniture in folded sheet steel. In 1931, he created "Les Ateliers Jean Prouvé", in which many pieces of furniture were created, notably the first prefabricated architectural elements. From 1940, Jean Prouvé was an active member of the Resistance and, after the liberation of Nancy, elected mayor of the city, he designed and built houses for homeless people. In 1947, he set up the "Maxéville" factory, where 200 employees produced prefabricated houses and schools, in addition to furniture. In 1953, following disagreements with the main shareholder, Jean Prouvé left the company. In 1954, he designed and built his own house. From 1957 to 1968, he directed the construction office of the Compagnie Industrielle de Equipement de Transport (CIMT) in Paris, and from 1968 to 1984, he headed a Paris office, as an independent architectural consultant. From 1957 to 1970, he held a professorship at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers (CNAM). In 1971, he chaired the jury of the competition for the construction of the Center Pompidou in Paris and defended the project of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers there. From 1980 to 1984, Jean Prouvé continued to develop and improve the design of his furniture. He died in Nancy in 1984.

Proven RAW Office Edition, a collection reflecting the industrial era

More than 70 years after their creation, 10 emblematic pieces by the architect and designer Jean Prouvé - office chairs, lamps, desks, tables - have been reworked by Vitra and G-Star. Vitra was responsible for adapting the furniture of the French designer to the standards and needs of the modern office, and the artistic directors of G-Star have developed the details and colors of the different rooms. Between tones of industrial green, steel, solid wood, and leather and fabric coverings, the re-editions of the Prouvé RAW Office Edition collection are faithful to the stripped-down quality aesthetics of the original Prouvé pieces, the Vitra know-how and the style of the G-Star brand, in addition. Originally designed to fit out the new G-Star RAW headquarters, built in 2014 by architect Rem Koolhaas, the Prouvé RAW Office Edition collection is now available in a selection of countries. Certified by the label of this special edition, the furniture and fixtures of the Prouvé RAW Office Edition will be on sale until the end of 2016.
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