Green to get back to basics in your decor

Green to get back to basics in your decor

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In search of harmony…

Growth, fertility, symbiosis, hope, vitality ... Green evokes all of this and that is the very essence of our existence on earth. Compose with nature, seek a harmonious relationship with what surrounds us, as a need for tranquility and a return to basics (the theme of Maison & Objet in September 2012)… So bring all the shades of green into your interior: they lend themselves to any room in the house! Opt for olive green, almond green, pastel green tones for a soft and soothing atmosphere perfect in a bedroom or bathroom. On the contrary, bet on apple green and anise green for a tonic decor full of vitality that will wake up your stay or your kitchen. Green is also a stimulating color suitable for decorating your office!

An exterior / interior transition

After spending all summer outside, it's hard to lock yourself up again. Vegetal colors are perfect transition colors to go from outside to inside. You will bring nature and its soothing virtues into your home. Choose furniture in light or raw wood, natural materials such as cotton or linen, and decorate your interior with decorative objects in various shades of green. Lighting, vases, cushions, small shelves, rugs and stickers, they all lend themselves very well to this color. Do not forget to play with the patterns in the vegetable atmospheres!