Tutorial: creating flowery letters

Tutorial: creating flowery letters

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Notice to future brides and grooms stressed by the preparations for their marriage: Nathalie comes to your rescue! Practical advice, decor and beauty ideas, but also mood tickets and testimonies, it is in her blog, the Bride in Anger, that you will find the answers to all the questions you ask yourself. And even if you have not planned to get married, La Mariée en Colère is a real gold mine. You will find there for example DIY like this one, which teaches you how to create flowery letters. Choose your message: your initials for your wedding candy bar, a quick note for Mother's Day, or your mood for the day to decorate your living room. You found ? So let's go !


You will need: - cardboard letters (choose them so as to form the word of your choice) - news: 739781 cutter - a spray of golden paint - a spray of varnish on all surfaces - Oasis foam - a knife - a roll of cellophane - pretty flowers (Nathalie used: honeycombs, green santinis, sim carnations, blue thistles and craspedias) Duration: about 1 hour (not including the drying time of the paint and varnish ) Cost: around 30 €


1. Cut out the upper part of your letters using the actu: 739781 cutter.
2. Curl the letters in gold, making sure to paint their entire outer surface. Leave to dry, then use the spray can to varnish them inside and out. For this step, do not hesitate to put yourself outside and remember to protect the ground with a tarp or old newspapers. Let it dry again.
3. Cut the Oasis foam using a knife to completely fill each letter.
4. Once all your pieces have been cut, sprinkle them or immerse them in water, then surround them with cellophane so as not to wet your cardboard letters. Then put all of your foam pieces back inside the letters. The humidified foam will keep your flowers for more than two days.
5. Prick the flowers in the foam to cover all your letters. Make sure your flowers are all at the same height and do not hesitate to cut their stems if necessary.


Your flowery letters are now finished! For this tutorial, Nathalie chose inexpensive wedding flowers of different colors and varieties, but it's up to you to choose the ones that match your mood and your decor!

Thanks to Nathalie from the blog La Mariée en Colère for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your flower letters on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!