Coffee table: how to choose it?

Coffee table: how to choose it?

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Not always easy to choose a coffee table: dimensions, shape, material ... And then it all depends on the style of your interior. How to know ? We tell you everything!

High or low, the coffee table?

The height of your coffee table depends on your context, at home. If you have children, the ideal is to choose it 30 cm from the ground. On the other hand, one end of the sofa can reach 60 cm above the ground: but it is a practical solution for taking meals without folding in half. Having a coffee table is good, but how far to position it in relation to my sofa? To optimize space, the ideal is to ensure a space of 60 cm between the coffee table and your sofa.

My coffee table, I choose it in what material?

Are you looking for comfort and longevity? Wood is a safe bet. Is it small in your house? So do like the professional decorators and opt for a glass or metal coffee table: it will be lighter visually, more airy. A good compromise: vintage spirit furniture, fifties and industrial inspiration. They often combine wood and glass or steel, creating a spacious and warm atmosphere.

Round, square? What form do I choose?

If you need storage, you will appreciate the practical double-top coffee tables. If you are looking to reduce the size of your living room, opt for nesting coffee tables: they are ideal for modulating the layout of the space according to the circumstances. Want sweetness? The round table will gladly lend itself to it. But if you have a corner sofa, prefer a square model, it will be his best companion!
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