How I saved my wallet: the bunk beds

How I saved my wallet: the bunk beds

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Your little ones will have to share a room and you are short of ideas as to the best arrangement to adopt to optimize the square meters? The number one tip is of course to bet on bunk beds that will leave room to install a desk area or to create a nice play area. Budget side, do not panic, there are many models at low prices. The proof with our selection! Fitting out a child's room is not always easy. Between the little one's toys and the older's desk, it is sometimes impossible to place two beds in the same room. The most practical solution is therefore to opt for the bunk beds which have been imposed for several decades in large families or in small dwellings. For the smallest purses, there are minimalist steel or wooden models signed Conforama and Ikea that will allow you to save a few square meters. For those who want bunk beds with more worked lines, it is at Vertbaudet that you will find the perfect bunk beds! Finally, be aware that there are other models much more clever. Some are equipped with niches or storage drawers installed under the base of the lower bed. Ideal for storing games, bed linen or school stuff.
1. GRAFFY bunk beds, € 181.90 at Conforama / 2. Woopi separable bunk beds, € 300 at Camif / 3. Cléo bunk bed, € 349.59 at BUT / 4. Diablotin bunk beds, 480, € 10 at AM PM / 5. Tinny gray steel bunk beds, € 119.50 at Alinéa / 6. Dododuo bunk beds, € 336.75 at Vertbaudet / 7. The NORDDAL bunk bed structure, € 229 at Ikea


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