A swimming pool perfectly integrated into the garden

A swimming pool perfectly integrated into the garden

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The swimming pool, a place of conviviality and pleasure, must be in harmony with the garden and the house which surrounds it. We must therefore not neglect the budget for landscaping the pool, combining aesthetics, practicality and safety, to fully succeed in this project.

Avoid pool location errors

To determine the best location for a swimming pool, you can plant four stakes connected by a rope, simulating the size of the future pool and move them until you find the best place… " Exactly under the sun " Maximum sunshine increases the water temperature. Consider the problem of the house's shadows and the property's fencing walls. Sheltered from the wind It is necessary to guard against drafts and too frequent winds. For this purpose, a windbreak hedge can be planted with evergreen plants, for example a combination of Photinia, Elaeagnus, Griselinia and Japanese charcoal or an alignment of Florence cypress.
Out of sight and rowdy To keep good relations with the neighborhood, the swimming pool must be at a good distance from the property line of the neighbors so as not to harm their tranquility during noisy swimming. A certain distance also avoids prying eyes. If necessary, create a blackout hedge. Similarly, the location relative to the house will be neither too close because of the hubbub, nor too far for the safety of children in particular. Pay attention to the proximity of large trees Plant debris from hardwoods and conifers is perfectly undesirable in the basin. The quality of the water can be reduced, and this multiplies the maintenance interventions. In addition, the shadows cast by large trees can affect the amount of sunshine. A distance of 7 to 8 meters minimum will therefore be respected for large trees. Quick access to the pool area Safety and maintenance mean that great accessibility to the swimming pool is essential. You never know what can happen. Since 2006, owners of buried outdoor swimming pools have been obliged to equip themselves with at least one security system to choose from… such as a barrier, a protective shutter, an alarm system or a specific shelter. But nothing can replace active supervision of children by a designated responsible adult.

Landscaping a swimming pool

Should we plant around the pool? Taste, you say. Certainly, do not plant too close, so at a reasonable distance to create a green setting that brings charm to the whole, whether you swim or bask in the sun. The lawn from a distance The too close proximity of a lawn to the edge of the swimming pool or a narrow curb of 30 cm will have the disadvantage of too easily introducing dirt from the feet of bathers into the water of the basin. There may also be splashes on the liquid surface when mowing. This justifies the design of a non-slippery transition zone, beyond the coping, such as a wooden terrace, a paving of natural or reconstituted stones, a pebble beach. Pottery for a Mediterranean spirit Well-chosen pottery from Provence or Tuscany, placed harmoniously around the swimming pool, reinforces the Mediterranean spirit that is always in demand. Terracotta pots must resist frost. Plant the palm, banana, cycads, boxwood or olive trees in a plastic container that serves as a lining for the pottery. A double advantage to that: it allows you to take in fragile plants in winter and it offers better protection of the terracotta. For large subjects, difficult to transport, we will use a protective veil, during very cold weather.
A massif or a rock garden near the swimming pool Beyond the terrace, you can create a traditional massif or a rock garden, for example, depending on the terrain. A mixture of perennials (sedum, Spanish lawn, helianthemum, lavender, santoline…) or grasses (stipa, blue fescue, miscanthus, calamagrostis…), or bulbs (agapanthus, arum, dahlia…), sometimes with fairly low shrubs with summer flowers such as rockrose, callistemon, grévilléa, ceanothe, hebe… these are ideas for improving the environment of the swimming pool. In some regions, the shade of larger subjects like the palm tree is welcome. Above all, there must be no thorny bushes, which risk injuring swimmers and damaging inflatable accessories carried by the wind!

The natural swimming pool: a real aquatic garden

The natural swimming pool represents, certainly, a higher investment than a traditional swimming pool, but it allows to create a real aquatic garden. Its installation requires, next to the bathing basin, a lagoon area, of an almost equivalent surface area, accompanied by decorative plants for purification use, such as the water lilies, the sagittaria, the water irises, the pontederias, the papyrus… The purity of the water is guaranteed by a balance between micro-organisms and the action of plants. It remains to tweak the environment of the pool. An automatic watering will help to obtain a more luxuriant plant decoration, for the pleasure of the eyes before that of the bathing!


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