Interview with Myriem Roussel Boisrond, landscaper specializing in city gardens

Interview with Myriem Roussel Boisrond, landscaper specializing in city gardens

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Myriem Roussel Boisrond has this rare talent of knowing how to integrate plants in an urban environment, which she manages to transform with great elegance and technicality. A gardener for more than 10 years, this energetic Parisian puts all her passion at the service of nature, which she grows as if by magic on balconies, terraces and small gardens in the city. Associated with a sought-after decoration, his landscape creations have delighted a number of individuals, who now have the pleasure of enjoying a corner of greenery in the heart of Paris.

Why did you go into the gardening world?

My commitment in this area followed a long questioning the year of my 30th birthday. I had been working in the cinema industry for 10 years - a bit by accident I must admit - and I had wanted to change lanes for some time. My love for plants, which dates back to my earliest childhood, naturally led me to gardening! So I resumed my studies for three years at Dubreuil school before embarking on this new adventure.

Why did you choose to specialize in city gardens?

At the end of my studies, I had the chance to work with the architect Laurent Bourgois, who made me discover exceptional places in the heart of Paris. I was conquered by these natural decorations created in an artificial framework… From there started my vocation for gardens in the city!

How do you approach your daily work?

You have to know how to adapt to very specific environments, as well as to constraints specific to the urban environment: the smaller the garden, the more complicated the work! In addition, 70% of the terraces and balconies on which I work are shaded, and must be treated with the same logic as undergrowth gardens. So I choose my plants carefully, making the most of the Parisian vegetable palette, which includes between 500 and 600 varieties of plants. Without necessarily having to draw from exotic or Mediterranean plants, it is quite possible to compose a very beautiful garden by favoring hydrangea, different varieties of jasmines, camellias, boxwood ...

What are the requests that come up most often?

As with fashion, the garden experiences trends that change from year to year. However, I have the chance to work on very different sites, and I strive to offer personalized atmospheres for each of them, whether plant creation or decoration. So I work hand in hand with artisans who have specific know-how (pottery, basketwork ...) to create gardens that last over time and which we never get tired of!

Which garden are you most proud of?

It will seem paradoxical, but the creation that is most important to me is a large evolving garden located in Provence. A project started several years ago for which I have drawn enormously from the surrounding vegetation. I like to use nature as it exists, without necessarily having to add external elements. It is for this reason that I am completely under the spell of the Rayol estate, a superb Var botanical garden, whose visit still leaves me dreaming…