Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the walls and floor of the children's room

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the walls and floor of the children's room

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Penultimate day for our challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day. The children's rooms are almost clean, all that remains is to tackle the walls, floors and windows. When the rooms are really finished, it will be time for the children to pack their bags. For the next two months, I know the parts will get dirty much more slowly. I haven't called him back in a while, but for these 15 minutes I recommend that you have a timer so that you don't (too) exceed the time limit. Today it is a question of making the walls and the ground. Quite simple but be careful not to forget the strategic corners.

How to clean a sisal carpet?

The answer is simple: you don't clean a sisal carpet. If the answer may delight some, it will certainly frighten others. The sisal is unfortunately not a magic coating, it is just that it does not support water: it should therefore not be soiled. If you plan to install sisal at home, take into account that this textile is only suitable for maniacs. You can't say a child is in this category, so I learned the hard way that a little boy and sisal carpet don't mix. However if you do not stain, the sisal is very easy to care for. By vacuuming twice a week, you can keep a carpet in very good condition. For my part, I mourned this carpet with the first halos: when the little one is older, it will be easier to change the carpet than to try to erase these stains. The advantage of sisal is that it is really inexpensive, so it does not hurt your heart to see it deteriorate. While waiting for its replacement, I still sucked it up well, taking care to move the small storage spaces on the ground that hide the dust.

Clean the walls of the children's room

Let's move on to the bedroom walls. I already see my first error: I should never have done the floor before the walls! Too bad for what will have to be redone, I continue immediately with the vacuum cleaner. I add the soft brush accessory which allows me to reach the corners and vacuum the walls without damaging them. The soft brush is also very effective for tall frames. I don't have to take them down to dust them off.
When the walls are well cleaned of their dust, I finish my cleaning with a microfiber cloth and hot water. It is not a question of washing the walls but of insisting on normally dirtier areas. By passing a microfiber cloth over the switches, sockets and doors, you normally remove the most visible traces of dirt.

Lessons to be learned

We think about maintenance before fitting out a room. IF it had to be done again, the sisal carpet would no longer be in my son's room. Attracted by the price and the aesthetic side, I completely obscured the cleaning part. It was not until the first glass of spilled orange juice that I understood my error. We stress the sensitive points. Doors, handles and switches get dirty very quickly with children even when they are instructed to wash their hands when they get home. To avoid the transmission of germs, these sensitive areas are cleaned weekly while continuing to tell them to wash their hands.