Low prices to feel on vacation

Low prices to feel on vacation

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Because not everyone has the chance to go to the end of the world in July or August, we must also think about those who will spend their holidays at home. So to make your holiday at home just as fun, the editor has created a selection of small items at low prices to accompany you all summer long. Good shopping ! What if, for the holidays, you rediscover your neighborhood and especially your home? This trend from the United States and also called "staycations" is no less fun than a stay in the depths of California! Because why take advantage of a swimming pool a thousand kilometers from home when you just have one in your garden… To have the impression of having left while staying at home, it is still important to pass its interior in "summer" mode. So, we don't hesitate to invest in a few accessories that will make the difference. Start by using your beach objects as real decorative elements. The essential fouta can be installed as a plaid on the sofa. Your beach bag replaces your shopping bag and the buoys can be used as beanbags in the children's room. To enjoy your very hot afternoons, try the cocktails! A shaker, colored glasses like those of seaside bars, a recipe book ... all you have to do is get started! Finally, bet on the barbecue or the plancha to cook all your summer meals! Also on the plate, the "vacation" option must be activated to make the most of it!
1. The yellow earthenware dish SARDINERIE, € 11.99 at Maisons du Monde / 2. The NATERIAL charcoal barbecue, € 79 at Leroy Merlin / 3. The set of 4 Kador cocktail glasses, € 30.10 at Decotaime / 4. The beige natural wicker beach basket, € 20 at Mon Petit Bikini / 5. The Intex inflatable mattress, € 8.45 at Amazon / 6. The navy honeycomb foutah, € 19 at Oranjade / 7 The SILEA stainless steel shaker, € 6.99 at Rue du Commerce


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