Tutorial: a cloth pacifier clip

Tutorial: a cloth pacifier clip

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Between the teat and the thumb, you have made your choice: it will be the teat. Except that that was before discovering the adventurous side of the pacifiers, who love to explore the bottom of the stroller, the tiling of the waiting rooms or the toilets of the Paris-Lyon train. The solution ? Offer them a compromise: a few centimeters of freedom but always at hand. Today, we are going to learn how to make a cloth pacifier clip.


- a piece of fabric (choose a soft fabric) - a suspender clip - a piece of male scratch of 2 x 1 cm - a piece of female scratch of 2 x 1 cm - a sewing machine - sewing thread - an iron iron - scissors - sewing pins - the pattern (one-piece pattern) Sewing values: 1 cm. Budget: around 5 € Duration: 2 hours


1. To start, make a placement respecting the line right.
2. Cut the pattern twice and overlap the two pieces right sides together.
3. Stitch on three sides, leaving one short side open.
4. Cut the corners flush with the seam before turning the pacifier clip. This technique makes it easier to turn over and make sure you have well-formed angles.
5. Gently turn over from the right side, making sure you are on the seam.
6. Make a filling of 1 cm on the open side by flipping the seam allowance inside. Go to the iron.
7. Pass the strap clip through the open side, then bend the end by 2 cm, trapping the clip. On the reverse, make a rib stitch 0.1 cm from the folded edge.
8. Place the hooks according to the pattern and stitch them on all four sides. Provide white spirit to clean the needle of the machine if you use self-adhesive Velcro and make a stitch if you use classic Velcro.


You just have to hang your child's favorite pacifier on it and voila! Also find our smart tutorial to customize a fabric bag in which you can carry all the little things for your little one!

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