10 hammocks for a successful nap

10 hammocks for a successful nap

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He's the best friend for relaxing breaks on sunny days! The hammock, a real comfort solution, is installed in the garden for our greatest pleasure. Simply knotted between two trees or attached to a wooden or metal support, it turns out to be a beautiful object for the outdoors. Discovery of 10 favorite models to adopt urgently for successful naps all summer! If the sunbathing, the beach towels or the Chilean chairs are excellent partners for indulging in a little reading or a sunbathing session in the garden, we also let ourselves be seduced by the gentle rocking of a hammock in which you lie comfortably. For the record, the hammock was originally used as a bed among Native Americans. This sleeping stratagem allowed them to avoid insect bites. Convenient ! It was then Christopher Columbus who discovered this very ingenious system used by navigators to save space on their boats. Adopted by the Mayans and then in the Caribbean, the hammock crosses the oceans and finally becomes a real accessory for relaxation. Today, it obviously meets our decorating desires thanks to cheerful colors and supports with worked design. Different models are also available to meet the particularities of each garden. Those who are not fortunate enough to own a tree will be able to comfort themselves with hammocks attached to supports. In metal for a contemporary spirit, in wood to keep the natural look ... it's up to you! If you want to take advantage of these moments for two, know that there are also double models, see triples for large families! Others still have practical pockets to slip their sunglasses or their current book ...
1. The Fremont hammock, € 24.99 at Hespéride / 2. The turquoise hummingbird travel hammock, € 39.90 at Nature et Découvertes / 3. The LA SIESTA Caribena hammock chair, € 59.90 at Camif / 4. The AVENTURA candy double hammock, € 69.90 at La Siesta / 5. The EBRA hammock, € 34.99 at Hespéride / 6. The 3-seater bar hammock, € 169.90 at Delamaison / 7. The Joia JOBEK hammock fabric , € 59 at Leroy Merlin / 8. The red RISÖ hammock, € 25 at Ikea / 9. The hammock with steel frame support, € 48.95 at Amazon / 10. The Magnifico set, € 219 at Delamaison


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