4 grandmother's tips for caring for her plants

4 grandmother's tips for caring for her plants

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Whether or not you have a green thumb, caring for plants requires constant attention and a few clever tips to keep them healthy. It is precisely on these "house" tricks that the editorial team looked today ... beer, aspirin, banana, tea ... maintain your green plants with our 4 grandmother finds.

Tip # 1: use beer to remove the dust

To cleanse your plant, there is nothing worse than slipping it in the shower! With this technique, the dust remains stuck on the leaves, and you do not solve your problem of cleanliness. The correct technique for removing dust from your plant is to soak a cloth in a mixture of beer and water and pass it sheet by sheet. You can then dry the plant with a hair dryer (yes, yes with a hair dryer!).

Tip 2: keep plants clean with tea

Do you dream of a healthy, clean and insect-free plant? We have the quick fix! Make a very light tea, put it in a spray bottle and sprinkle the plants with it every 15 days. The latter will thus remain clean and the insects will not approach.

Tip # 3: give plants aspirin to feed them

To make your indoor plant the most beautiful every day of the week, it is important to feed it well. Once a month, dissolve an aspirin tablet in a quarter of a liter of water and then add your preparation to the plant pot. That's it and it works!

Tip n ° 4: roll up a banana peel to feed the plant

Your plant also needs a little fertilizer to look good. For this, there is an easy method to perform, which will cost you nothing and above all very natural! All you have to do is peel a banana, wrap the skin around the base of your plant, taking care that the internal side is turned towards the base. It will do him a lot of good, you will see!