How does the bagged vegetable garden work?

How does the bagged vegetable garden work?

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We already knew the ideal vegetable patch in town. Here comes the vegetable garden in bags, minimalist in size but large for the service rendered. Born from the idea that the cultivation of fruit and vegetables in pots is essential for lovers of natural products deprived of natural space, this portable miniature vegetable garden has more than one trick… in its bag. Economic, ecological, decorative object, the garden allows to always have on hand the good products of the garden.

The garden to vary its menus

Tomato and radish for a fresh salad, eggplant for a Balkan Moussaka, onion, chilli, oregano, rosemary or mint to spice up small homemade dishes, cabbage for winter soup or strawberry to taste at any time: all these vegetables, fruits and aromatic plants can be grown in a garden. It is therefore essential if you want to stock up on vitamins and discover new flavors in a fun way.

The vegetable garden in bags, the urban solution

Thanks to the vegetable bag, a simple little corner of the balcony is enough to see flourish with blissful pleasure the products of the garden. A few shovels of well-chosen soil and moderate watering are enough to create an environment of choice for young plants. It will therefore be understood: no need to have a huge garden - greedy in water - to enjoy your own cultures. The sacked vegetable patch is also essential when the soil in the garden is so poor that it is infertile. Quick to set up, it is perfect for improvisation. The garden is the favorite solution when an impromptu desire for planting arises.

An economical pocket vegetable garden

Lovers of flowering plants will inevitably find in the garden a precious ally. No need to spend a fortune in the flower boxes and pot holders: a rubbish bag type recovery bag will do the trick. The sacked vegetable garden is also used to grow flowering plants. From rosebushes to succulents, from winter jasmine to fuchsia, the garden is all good. But if you want to give it back its primary role - miniature vegetable garden - why not combine business with pleasure by opting for edible flower varieties and making its culinary preparations an absolute refinement?

The vegetable garden in a bag for an original decoration

Not only useful, practical, economical and ecological, the vegetable garden in the bag also plays the decoration card. Round, square, rectangular, size XS or XXL, it can be a bag made of 100% recyclable geotextile canvas, burlap or PVC. In the DIY version, it can be made in a large leather cover lined with waterproof material. But created from an ultra-colorful custom fabric, the garden can quickly become a real object of art… and of curiosity! It will bring an original touch to the kitchen or the decoration of the balcony. Loaded with edible flowering plants or fruits and vegetables, the garden is the essential touch of greenery to place in the center of the terrace or living room, or even in the bathroom if the chosen plant varieties are pleasant indoors.