FoodSaver: a simple gesture to vacuum your food

FoodSaver: a simple gesture to vacuum your food

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Tired of wasting leftovers? FoodSaver has developed a vacuum packaging machine that keeps food longer! Originally reserved for the professional world, vacuuming is thus invited in the kitchen of individuals! In addition, the brand has thought of your closets by imagining a range of four devices with reduced overall dimensions. Presentation of this little revolution.

Preserve food hygiene and taste

The FoodSaver vacuum packaging system keeps food up to five times longer than traditional preservation methods like zip bags, aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Putting cooked meals in a vacuum in the refrigerator doubles their lifespan. Food also retains its flavors, nutrients and vitamins up to 5 times longer! But how is it possible? The FoodSaver system removes air from the bags in which the food is placed. Then the machine seals them to make them completely airtight. Thus, the vacuum does not alter the taste of the food. The machine does all the work. You only have to portion your leftovers if necessary to taste them later.

FoodSaver outside the kitchen

The FoodSaver vacuum packaging system is also useful for other uses: you can protect your silverware from tarnishing by packaging it in FoodSaver bags. Likewise to protect your important documents or keep your equipment (mobile phone, computer ...) dry. Last tip: when traveling, vacuum seal liquids like shampoo or other moisturizing creams in a bag from the range. Also, you will avoid leaks in the suitcases.
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