What practical storage for a small kitchen?

What practical storage for a small kitchen?

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In a small kitchen, more than in any other small room, you have to be cunning to arrange the space and make it functional. The idea is therefore to bet on ultra practical storage. Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

A trolley on wheels

Again very trendy, the trolley on wheels is the ideal ally for a small kitchen. Its different layouts; trays, drawers or even a cupboard, allow you to choose a model suited to your space and your desires. Thanks to its small wheels, you can also move it according to your needs.

Sliding cupboards

In a small kitchen, it is essential to play smart to be able to store everything! The important thing is therefore to multiply practical tips to make your life easier. The ideal is of course the sliding cupboards which often have a multitude of good storage ideas and in particular super practical organizer drawers.

Credenza bars

Use the credenza! Often left naked, the latter can be dressed in metal bars that accommodate all utensils with hooks, spices with baskets, aluminum foil and paper towels with unwinders. A real saving of space on the work plan and especially in the drawers!

High furniture

In a small kitchen, it is often on the floor that the most space is lacking. To avoid this problem, we choose to install tall furniture, fixed to the wall, which saves a lot of storage without encroaching on the room.