How to arrange a small living room so that it looks larger?

How to arrange a small living room so that it looks larger?

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Choosing the right furniture

The first rule to remember if you want fit out a small living roomyears that the latter does not seem narrow, it is to choose furniture of proportionate size. Logic: XXL furniture + XXS living room = impression of a room even smaller than it is and in which it is impossible to circulate without bumping into a piece of furniture or a wall.

For visually enlarge your room (or at least avoid shrinking it), start by choosing the right sofa - which is the main element of a living room. Try as much as possible to adapt its shape according to the surface you have to devote to it: you can for example choose a corner sofa to avoid occupying a whole section of wall, or then opt for a small sofa (2 places) that you will associate with two comfortable armchairs, or two small sofas.

Bet on a medium-sized coffee table or even better, fall for nesting coffee tables which will occupy the space or adapt to take up the least space possible if necessary. On the furniture side, be minimalist. Prefer wall shelves and shallow bookcases that will not clutter the room.

Bet on clear lines and colors

If you have to arrange a small living room, in addition to paying special attention to the size of the furniture, remember that the colors chosen play a major role. For visually enlarge a small living room, bet on clear and rather neutral colors which will bring brightness to the room.

If you like powerful colors, don't panic: you can add them in subtle touches by placing colorful cushions on your sofa, a golden vase on your coffee table, a very punchy frame hanging on the wall, etc. To enlarge or expand a living room, you can also think of the striped carpet which will give length to the room. To give height, also bet on striped curtains and a long standing lamp.

The right hi-fi equipment

In a living room, hi-fi equipment (television, hi-fi system, sound bar, etc.) can take up a lot of space. Also, if you have a reduced living room, you have to be resourceful to either make them take up little space or hide them.

If possible, opt for a flat screen that will be hung on the wall rather than on a bulky TV stand. You can also place a stereo and speakers directly on the walls (the speakers hung in the corners of the room, and the stereo placed on a wall shelf). The decoders and DVD players can be hidden in a cabinet of suitable size, or even be integrated into the screen depending on the model.

A tidy but lively space

The living room is a space where life and conviviality are essential. Also, do not try to make your small living room a clean room without leaving a minimum of life.

Use good tricks to arrange your small living room, de-clutter the space, but decorate the walls with XXL frames or mirrors (which are also very effective for enlarging a room) to bring pep's. Do not hesitate to leave a plaid lying on the sofa for the warm side or to integrate plants into the decor for the living side.


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