Our end of summer cleaning tips in the garden

Our end of summer cleaning tips in the garden

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Although the weather allows us to have a few more meals outside, it is time to think about the big cleaning that marks the end of the vacation. Preparing your garden for the cold season is essential. This is why we went to seek advice from a garden center. So it's Pierre from Truffaut, who explains how to clean up the garden in late summer.

Hello Pierre, what do you advise us regarding the lawn?

Your lawn should be cleaned of all natural waste. You must remove the fallen fruit from the trees, the branches and the first leaves which herald the imminent arrival of autumn. Take the time to remove the largest weeds and mow your lawn short, less than 3 cm, to breathe the soil and to facilitate the infiltration of rain.

Should hedges be trimmed before winter?

Of course ! The hedges must be trimmed. Depending on the type of shrub that makes up your hedge, it is recommended to leave a dense base. So your hedge will be more abundant at the end of winter, which will beautify your garden while ensuring your privacy. Remember to prune your trees too, this will save you a lot of inconvenience in bad weather.

Can we make new plantations?

Gardening enthusiasts can indeed plant new crops. On the other hand, if you don't have time to spend on your outside, just remove the wilted flowers regularly and pay special attention to the shrubs.

What can you advise us on cleaning the aisles and the terrace?

Your driveways and your terrace must be cleaned. Weed these spaces. Clean them with a high pressure cleaner and if necessary, treat them. Take care of your wooden decks and apply weed killer to your walkways.

How to prepare for the cold season?

By following all the advice I just gave you but also by equipping you. Take stock of your plantations and see which ones need to be protected in winter. If they are potted plants, place them in a place where they will not be subject to extreme cold. If you can, it is ideal to have a greenhouse. It is also possible to invest in sails or covers for your plants.

Do you have any other advice to give us on how to properly clean the garden at the end of the summer?

Yes ! Take stock of your equipment. See what needs to be repaired or changed. Also take stock of your stocks of weedkillers, potting soil or seeds. Clean and have your mower serviced. Store your garage or garden shed to place your garden furniture previously cleaned. You should know that cleaning at the end of summer is as important as that of spring. It makes it possible to have a beautiful garden in the cold season, to limit the invasion of weeds and to preserve plants, infrastructures and furniture.