4 grandma's tips for removing wine stains

4 grandma's tips for removing wine stains

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An awkward gesture leading to the fall of a glass of wine happened so quickly! If in the end, it is not really a disaster, the real concern is that red wine stains! carpet carpet, sofa, the editorial staff offers 4 tips for removing stains ... We promise, you will be able to continue organizing parties at home without being afraid of ruining your decor!

Tip 1: put carbonated water

If the wine has just been spilled on your carpet, for example, immediately sponge with a clean cloth and then run a few drops of carbonated water. Rub gently with a sponge ... the stain should disappear before your eyes! So always keep a bottle of sparkling water under your elbow, it could save you the day, I can attest to that!

Tip 2: bet on flour

Flour, cornstarch, talc, you will understand that white powders are also your allies to get rid of wine stains! Once they have absorbed the spilled liquid, all you have to do is brush the affected tissue.

Tip 3: rub with cleansing milk

If the stain is several days old, put cleansing milk on a cotton pad, add a few drops of ammonia and dab on the marked spot. That's all !

Tip 4: sprinkle with coarse salt

It was in the middle of a romantic weekend in Stockholm that I had the opportunity to experience this trick! Imagine, a very nice apartment rented on Airbnb furnished with two superb white fabric sofas. Yes, yes, white, like the ones we see in our favorite Scandinavian inspirations. A glass of red wine filled (a little too surely), and a sudden gesture later, here is a beautiful stain as big as the palm of my hand on one of the cushions. Panic on board and in my mind only the memory of a friend who in the evening had told me that the coarse salt worked every time. So much the better, because I have nothing else on hand! I spread it all over the stain, rub it a little, remove it, put it back clean, and continue until the wine is completely absorbed. Result, neither seen nor known and the promise to review my deposit of 800 euros intact!


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