Before / After: Create two separate spaces in a children's room

Before / After: Create two separate spaces in a children's room

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The owners of this apartment wanted to make an existing bedroom a room that could accommodate their two children, Sam and Victoire, in two separate spaces. The idea was that everyone could create their own bubble, despite their fairly significant age difference. Optimization was therefore the watchword during the two weeks that the work required. For Kidigreen, specializing in the creation of children's bedrooms, the challenge was met hands down! Area: Room for two children 17m² Budget: NC * Kidigreen offers to redo a children's room from € 1,500 excl. Allow 300 € for the site visit, the project study, the drawing of a sketch and the refitting. This sum is deductible from the amount of the works if the project is carried out. *Not disclosed

Two spaces in one

Before: The size of the room is reasonable since it is 17 square meters. The room had to be refreshed, in addition to being redesigned to accommodate two children with a significant age difference: 8 years. The owners wanted to create two very separate spaces so that the children could live at their own pace without disturbing the other.
After: For the little girl, the cabin was made to measure. An office area has been set up for his big brother. The high reading and sleeping corner allows Sam not to be disturbed by his little sister while he is working. For Victoire, it is a cocooning space, ideal for taking good naps even if her big brother is present in the bedroom.

Make room and light the room

Before: Sam's room was overcrowded, with closets that reduced space and did not provide enough storage. The color of the walls darkened the room, which already does not let in a lot of natural light, since it only has a window.
After: The existing cupboards were demolished and the bedding changed. The wall covering was redone with plasters and paint, in a Bayadère spirit in shades of pink for the smallest.
In terms of furniture, a vintage cradle has been found to give a little authenticity. The school desk and the chair have been refurbished to give them a second life. A small window was created in the cabin for Victoire's sleeping area. It allows to recover daylight, despite the partitioning. For the colors, the paneling and the blue give a sea spirit "Cape Cod".

Insulate the room to conserve heat

Before: The apartment presented thermal insulation problems, which had to be remedied.
After: Natural thermal and sound insulation was chosen. In fact, Kidigreen has made a point of significantly improving the quality of the indoor air in the rooms it renovates, for the well-being and health of children. Regarding materials, MDF without solvents and biological paints were therefore used.
Stéphanie GOLDBERG - Kidigreen