Joseph Joseph: ingenious new utensils for cooking in the microwave

Joseph Joseph: ingenious new utensils for cooking in the microwave

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With its new fall-winter 2015 collection, the Joseph Joseph brand is launching its M-Cuisine line. Ingenious containers that allow you to cook delicious meals in the microwave. And that's good because it is the device that is most present in the home of the French. We tell you more about these new smart utensils.

Cook everything in the microwave

Whether for reasons of lack of equipment or time, it sometimes happens that we do not embark on great culinary preparations. The Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine line then provides a practical and effective solution. Its new utensils allow you to cook rice, pasta, eggs as well as vegetables, meat or fish in the microwave. Little more, this type of cooking is much faster than that in the oven or pan. It is therefore possible to taste the same foods as usual, but in record time.

Save space and save time

With his brand new utensils, Joseph Joseph has thought of everything. The elements of the M-Cuisine line are as design as practical. Their tangy look will allow their users to prepare, cook and serve simmered dishes in the same container, which avoids unnecessary clutter in the dishwasher and saves space in the cupboards.
Safety is also there thanks to the cold walls of Joseph Joseph utensils: no need for oven gloves, just remove them from the microwave with your bare hands without risking getting burned.
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