Framework: the essential to know

Framework: the essential to know

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Are you planning to embark on a site and want to know more about the frames and how to choose a carpenter? Our answers can help you! Find more articles on the theme: Structural work quotes

What is a frame?

Constituting one of the bases of construction for hundreds of years, the frame is an assembly of several poles and beams in solid wood accompanied or not by metal parts (it depends on the type of frame). It allows to support the weight of the "cover" of the house thanks to its solid construction and assembly.

What types of structures exist?

There are basically two types of frames: traditional frames and industrial frames. You can also meet "flat roof" frames.

Traditional frame and industrial frame: what is the difference?

The traditional frame is made up of massive pieces of wood, meticulously cut by craftsmen. It can also have metal parts. This frame will allow you to enlarge the room or create one more! Its advantage: you can use all the volume to arrange rooms. The industrial frame is of American origin. It differs by its triangular design (a technique based on wooden and metal parts all placed triangularly). The advantages of the industrial frame: its simplicity, the ease with which it can be handled during construction sites, the absence of cracks thanks to staples and better insulation.

How many openings can we create on a frame?

Two and only two! Yes, you can only create two openings: the header (roof window and chimney) and the hopper (skylight).

How to choose a good carpenter?

Consider choosing a carpenter with at least 10 years of experience, after having received the necessary training to do this delicate job. He must be professional, offer reasonable prices. Above all, it must necessarily offer guarantees. Before signing anything with the carpenter, conduct your investigation: analyze the quality of his quote, compare at least 3 quotes from 3 different carpenters to get a clear idea and above all ask questions! It's your site, it's your home, if you have any questions, don't hesitate.

What price for which frame?

The prices of the frames vary according to the type and size of the latter. It is therefore advisable to seek the advice of several providers before starting your work. - Traditional frame: between 70 and 90 euros / m2. - Concrete framework: around 100 euros / m2. - Frame in kit: 50 euros / m2. - Wooden frame: between 70 and 90 euros / m2. - Industrial frame or small frame: around 60 euros / m2. - Flat roof frame: between 50 and 100 euros / m2. - Metal frame: price on estimate.