In the kitchen of pastry chef Philippe Conticini signed Ixina

In the kitchen of pastry chef Philippe Conticini signed Ixina

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Welcome to the fabulous laboratory of pastry chef Philippe Conticini! The famous Chef adds a new string to his bow by offering workshops around taste, in order to share his knowledge and his work on different flavors with amateurs. Open from the end of September, these high-precision courses will delight foodies and lovers of fine cuisine! While discovering the secrets of the French chef, the participants will be able to evolve in an ergonomic space entirely designed and fitted out by Ixina: it has been designed as a place of comfort, a true setting in which the guests will be able to enrich their knowledge and practice in a friendly atmosphere. It is in the new research and development laboratory that Ixina created the kitchen in which Philippe Conticini will personally host these masterclasses dedicated to pastry. From September 30, 2015, lovers of sweet treats will be able to share with the French chef his knowledge and his work on taste. More than a pastry course, this is a real invitation to understand concretely and by demonstrating the mechanisms of taste!
Pastry will be approached from a different angle, but always educational, simple and readable. These workshops will take place in small groups, from 6 to 12 people on themes as varied as "The basics of seasoning in pastry through the work of citrus fruits", "Sweetness through the work of vanilla" or "Construction a feeling and an emotion through creation and improvisation ". Philippe Conticini took great pleasure in developing these themes, which remain cutting-edge but nonetheless accessible to all food lovers.
The kitchen in which the workshops of taste will take place was designed in close collaboration between Philippe Conticini and the interior designers of the house Ixina. Soft colors, around ice blue, gray and mastic were preferred for the walls and the floor. The furniture was chosen in a beautiful off-white color. In the center of the room, several islands allow guests to take notes during the theoretical lessons. Large worktops, on which sit the stainless steel robots, give students all the space they need to cook at ease!
Philippe Conticini is an icon of contemporary French and international gastronomy. Pioneer of the revival of French pastry, he is one of the rare pastry chefs to also have a very high-level savory course. In 1994, he invented the principle of verrines which transposes vertically and transparently dishes traditionally served on the plate. This idea has since gone around the world! This great name in contemporary gastronomy has always sought to bring sensations to life through his cuisine. Today, he wants to pass on his reading of flavors and accompany guests in their discovery of the world of taste. //


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