The ironing cloth by Brabantia

The ironing cloth by Brabantia

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You are about to leave the office to go to a dinner and realize that the blouse that you brought to be able to change you did not support the trip well and is all wrinkled. Do not panic and unfold your Brabantia ironing cloth on a flat surface. In a few moments, your garment will be perfectly ironed. Presentation of this novelty of the Dutch brand.

An ironing table in a jiffy

The practical Brabantia ironing cloth folds and unfolds in seconds. Spread over any flat surface such as a desk or a dining room table, it will transform it into an express ironing table 65 cm by 120. Composed of six thick layers, one of which reflects the heat, it facilitates steam ironing and prevents creases. Once the clothes are ironed, you just have to fold it up and then hang it by its practical loop.

Six layers for easy ironing

If the Brabantia ironing cloth is so effective, it is because it is made up of six thick layers. The cotton upper reflects the heat, increasing the efficiency and speed of ironing. The base of the tablecloth is non-slip, so there is no risk of it moving during use. Only one concern: the humidity created by the iron could damage the furniture that serves as its support. Again, Brabantia has not forgotten its customers and has provided its tablecloth with a waterproof layer that will protect dressers, tables or desks.
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