Design: Mood by Christofle

Design: Mood by Christofle

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French goldsmith Christofle is launching its first set of cutlery as a decorative pack. Completely in tune with the times, this original concept with a chic and compact look leaves nothing to guess about its function!

A showcase of sharing and emotions

At the start of the 2015 school year, Maison Christofle is determined to shake up the traditional codes of tableware! With its new concept called Mood by Christofle, the hexagonal goldsmith offers a nomadic and decorative cutlery set. Hidden under an ovoid case, the 24 silver metal pieces are perfect for informal meals, whether it's a casual brunch, a picnic or an impromptu dinner. This engraved "egg" with sought-after aesthetics moves easily from one piece of furniture to another, appearing without complexes in the kitchen, the dining room or simply on a tablecloth placed on the floor.
On the design side, the Christofle house proves once again that it knows how to renew the classics with talent: the contemporary style of the Mood pack in no way prevents the cutlery from blending into all the decorations with naturalness. Lovers of refinement and beautiful tables will be able to discover a new current cutlery, refined and universal, which will undoubtedly be a promise of sharing and conviviality.
The Mood, including the box and cutlery, is offered at a price of € 950. The pack consists of 24 pieces for 6 people combining 6 table forks, 6 table spoons, 6 table knives, and 6 teaspoons. All the elements were imagined by the designers of Studio Christofle and are suitable for the dishwasher.


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