Brandt presents its electric piston coffee maker

Brandt presents its electric piston coffee maker

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The brand of home appliances Brandt is diversifying and now offers an electric piston coffee maker that will revolutionize your breakfasts. On the menu, a grand cru with aromas revealed thanks to its ingenious functioning. With a modern and elegant design, this ultra contemporary appliance will go in all types of kitchen.

Advantages of the device

This new brandt coffee maker heats the water in the jug of the appliance. The temperature rising from 45 to 90 degrees, adjustable through three different positions, this prevents the most heads in the air from boiling coffee! In addition, it stops automatically and has a non-slip support.
The machine brews the ground coffee, as you can for tea, which diffuses the aromas of the coffee more and gives you a more fragrant drink. It has a capacity of one liter, or ten cups, for a price of 80 euros.

How the piston works

Wondering how this coffee maker works? Don't panic, it's very simple! Simply pour the water into the tank to the desired level, then place the cover with the piston raised up. When the water is at the right temperature, remove the lid and pour the coffee into the tank.
Then replace the lid and let the coffee steep for at least four minutes before pressing the piston down slowly. The coffee powder is then separated from the drink, and that's it, you can serve your guests!
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