Before / After: Modernize and optimize a small studio

Before / After: Modernize and optimize a small studio

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This 30 square meter studio was attached to a much larger apartment. The owners wanted to make it independent so they could rent it. They therefore called on Julie Collet, architect and partner at the Lo Architectes agency. The challenge ? Make the bedroom more modern, and optimize the kitchen and bathroom space, to obtain a small corner where life is good! Area: Studio 30m² Budget: € 32,000 HT for the refitting and renovation of the studio

A bright and warm room

Before: The yellow color of the walls and curtains was not very modern, nor was the arrangement of the furniture adequate to gain maximum space in the studio. This small apartment is intended for seasonal rental, it was important to keep a large living room in the spirit of a hotel room.
However, the structure of the room has been preserved, as have the existing cupboards.
After: To rejuvenate the style of the room, the carpeting and old tiles have been removed. Instead, the architect installed new laminated oak parquet, at 40 euros per square meter, and repainted all the walls. Immediately, the room is much brighter!
Behind the headboard, the painting Elephant Breath by the brand Farrow and Ball brings a warm aspect to the room.
A small office area has also been fitted out next to the bed.

A minimalist and functional bathroom

Before: The main difficulty of this project lay in the fact that there was very little space in the entrance to the apartment to house a bathroom and a kitchen. The existing bathroom was a bit dated and deserved a makeover!
After: To overcome this constraint, the agency opted for a bathroom reduced to its bare minimum, namely a sliding door, a shower (80x80) and a custom-made sink cabinet to house a washing machine under the basin. However, the entire bathroom has been broken in order to create a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet.

Concentrate space in a small kitchen

Before: The kitchen was simply nonexistent! To be able to rent this studio, it was therefore imperative to make up for this lack, on pain of missing out on a potential tenant. Julie Collet thought of it as a living space, since the clientele of this apartment is generally passing tourists.
After: The kitchen is small but functional and fully equipped, with space reserved to accommodate a small table.
It has many very practical storage spaces, which allows you to store dishes despite its narrow surface. The owner chose the color "anthracite gray porcelain stoneware", which is less messy than parquet and less fragile. Julie Collet -Lo Architects