Recipe: One Pan Pasta with a pan from the Cyril Lignac range

Recipe: One Pan Pasta with a pan from the Cyril Lignac range

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Normally you could not escape the trend of One Pan Pasta but if this is the case here is a quick definition: One Pan Pasta or One Pot Pasta is a recipe for pasta in which the latter, necessarily dry, are cooked with the sauce. The main idea of ​​this dish is to use only one pan for the whole realization of the recipe. You can imagine that the choice of the pan has all its importance in this case: it must be able to contain the sauce and the pasta but above all that it brings everything to a perfect cooking. It really was the ideal challenge for a great chef's pan!

The Cyril Lignac collection

Until January 9, 2016, Cyril Lignac offers exclusively at Carrefour a range of kitchen utensils. It offers several accessories inspired by professional cooking such as a conical pan, a grill pan with non-stick coating or a mini sauce boat with double spout.

The ingredients of One Pan Pasta

- 4 thin slices of smoked breast - 2 cans of 400 g peeled tomatoes - 2 cloves of garlic - 4 branches of basil - 200 grams of dry pasta - 2 eggs - 100 grams of mozzarella - Salt and pepper

The One Pan Pasta recipe

Detail your smoked breast in small pieces of bacon. Start by cooking your smoked breast in the pan without fat until it becomes almost crisp. As you can see in the photo below, I only found bacon which is different. In both cases, the conical saucepan is very useful because with its very high edges the splashes of grease do not dirty your plate. While your meat is cooking, you can start preparing the sauce. Just fill your blender with the contents of the two boxes of peeled tomatoes, the two cloves of garlic, also peeled and the basil leaves (keep some for decoration). Mix until you get a completely smooth sauce.
Remove the smoked breast from the pan (leaving the fat in it) then add the pasta with the sauce. Heat over low heat until the pasta is al dente. Do not rely on the cooking time of the pasta on the sachet, the One Pan Pasta generally requires a longer cooking time than with the traditional method. Watch carefully and mix from time to time to prevent the bottom of the pan from burning. In my case, my fusilli took more than 25 minutes to cook.
As soon as the pasta has finished cooking, you can add the mozzarella and the two eggs, taking care to form two wells in your dish beforehand. Finally, place your pan in the grill position oven for 7 to 8 minutes, while the cheese is browning and your eggs are cooking.
Enjoy immediately (taking care not to burn yourself).

The verdict

The Cyril Lignac collection and its range of cooking are wide enough for you to find what you are looking for. First you have a set with removable handles, then another with fixed handles. Some elements have a non-stick coating, others do not. So everyone is happy. The tested conical pan is very practical to avoid splashing grease but also to prepare sauces that need a good boost such as béchamel or custard. It is thanks to its rounded shape which allows the whip to not forget anything but also thanks to the bottom in triple thickness which allows a homogeneous distribution of heat. Another advantage that should not be taken lightly: this saucepan takes on all the treatments, even the most indelicate. So she went from the induction hob to my oven without flinching, and above all without a scratch. If the utensil also goes in the dishwasher, I preferred to scrub it myself and fortunately it did not keep any trace of my One Pan Pasta. The tested model costs 74 € but by collecting the stickers at Carrefour, you can get a 70% reduction on these products so you can get this conical saucepan for 21.99 €. A real good deal for once! Original recipe on Kitchen Paper. Discover the other saucepan models on Cyril Lignac's website.