Colocation: 3 tips to compartmentalize the fridge

Colocation: 3 tips to compartmentalize the fridge

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Living with a roommate is not always easy. For cohabitation to go smoothly, a series of rules must be set up and followed. One of the main sources of conflict is food. Some people choose to go shopping together and therefore eat the same food. If there is a difference in tastes or cultures, this solution absolutely cannot work, so it is easier for everyone to fill up on food on their own. To avoid any conflict, it is therefore important to compartmentalize the refrigerator. Here are three tips that should make your life easier.

Everyone has their own space

So that each member of the colocation can easily find their food, it is important to define individual spaces in the refrigerator. If it contains as many shelves as there are roommates, the task is simplified and everyone can use one as they see fit. Similar on the freezer side: one compartment per person is ideal. This simple trick of course requires having a fairly large refrigerator.

Create compartments

If the colocation fridge does not have enough shelves, the task becomes complicated. So that it does not quickly find itself transformed into a battlefield, simply invest in large conservation boxes. Each roommate has his own and the food does not mix with each other. However, be careful not to dig into someone else's box!

Each color

This is another fairly simple solution: each roommate can stick colored stickers on their food or boxes. This will avoid, for example, mixing the milk bottles together and will make your life easier. This solution is only really practical if everyone makes the effort to keep their elements together.


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