DIY kids: make an awakening game for your little ones

DIY kids: make an awakening game for your little ones

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We continue our small series of tutorials on games and do-it-yourself toys to amuse our children, with this DIY specially thought for little bits, since it is an awakening game inspired by the method of Montessori learning. Once again, the game is very simple to make with little equipment… and you will see that it will amuse your children a lot from 18/24 months. Playing with clothespins at this age is a great job of fine motor skills and the pincer hedgehog will also teach them to associate colors. To make this awakening game, you will need: - a fairly thick cardboard (white in color, it's better, but it's less easy to find), - a set of clothespins (between 16 and 24 depending on the size of the hedgehog), - various colors of acrylic paint and news: 739807 brushes or Posca type markers, - a pencil, - a black felt-tip pen, - news: 739781 cutter and a pair of large scissors.


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