Aluminum worktop: good or bad idea?

Aluminum worktop: good or bad idea?

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Hardly alterable and resolutely design, an aluminum worktop is ideal for a modern and / or industrial style, in a kitchen, as outdoors or in an office. However, beware of this metal on certain points. We take stock.

One of the least restrictive materials

Among the metal worktops, those made of aluminum have many advantages. Very light, especially in comparison with steel, they are solid and very resistant. Like the stainless steel worktops, they are very design and immediately give a touch of elegance to the room in which they are installed.
One thing is certain, your aluminum worktop will not budge! Decades later, it will remain as you originally put it. Unlike zinc, it is a material that requires almost no maintenance, except for a very simple cleaning with a sponge and a little soapy water. You can therefore install it outside, next to a barbecue for example, because it does not oxidize and does not fear humidity.

To weigh the pros and cons

Aluminum still has some drawbacks. It is undeniably colder than zinc, since it does not come in several shades. A metallic color may therefore not be suitable for your interior or be too unwelcoming.
To overcome this problem, you can use this metal in small touches. Install aluminum baseboards or carry your worktop using aluminum angles. In addition, if it is easy to clean, aluminum is scratched fairly quickly.
Finally, it is less marketed than stainless steel or zinc in DIY stores. More expensive than other types of metal, it requires the help of professionals to build a custom work plan.