Connected light bulbs: what practical uses in the home?

Connected light bulbs: what practical uses in the home?

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Connected light bulbs: what practical uses in the home? You can now manage and control your lighting remotely! The bulbs follow the movement and become connected, too, to your iPhone or Android. The connected lighting market alone represents nearly a million euros in turnover in France. What make you want to invest too! Pair these bulbs with your Smartphone and become the master of brightness! The editorial team will enlighten you and tell you more about this new object.

The ideal parts for connected bulbs

Increasingly popular, these new gadgets are everywhere in your home. In your living room to avoid putting out a lamp or in your children's room to manage the curfew remotely, these connected bulbs change you and make your life easier.

The advantages of connected light bulbs

You know the smoke detectors, cameras or alarms under video surveillance connected to your phone but be even more picky by adopting these connected bulbs. Using light as an alarm clock, signaling an incoming call on your Smartphone with a color or even used as security, connected bulbs are revolutionizing your daily life. They are very easy to install so take advantage! You just need to download the application corresponding to the model of bulbs you have to be able to control your brightness wherever you are!

Which bulb to choose?

There are different types of bulbs and at different prices. Like all light bulbs, connected bulbs deserve special attention when choosing. In order for these to be effective, you have to pay attention to a certain number of criteria such as what brings connectivity in lighting, whether it is better to opt for WiFi or Bluetooth, and what you really need. The simplest to implement are those of the French startup, AwoX, a pioneer in the market for connected bulbs. The brand has affordable and efficient models. However, there are also bulbs at more expensive prices, like the Hue model from the Phillips brand. The first to have swept the market, they were first marketed on the Apple Store. All bulbs offer different options, for different needs and different desires. Some will allow you to change the color of the room, to put music on. They are sold in packs or individually and their prices range between 20 and 200 euros.