How to use dead leaves in the garden?

How to use dead leaves in the garden?

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Like every year in the fall, our gardens are covered with dead leaves. Collecting them takes a long time, a time that can seem lost if the leaves are not reused. What to do with these dead leaves? To find out, I turned to Maryse. This adorable grandmother, passionate about gardening, works with communities and more particularly associations and schools as part of TAP (extra-curricular activity time). It is a true gardening bible!

Is it possible to use dead leaves in the garden?

Of course ! Dead leaves can be used in different ways. They can be used to protect or nourish your plants. You can make a compost, a humus or a mulch. Dead leaves can even turn into fertilizer.

How to make a compost?

Simply by putting your dead leaves in a composter. To make compost successful, you need to alternate layers of dead leaves with layers of various green waste. Each layer should be between 25 and 30 centimeters. The compost can be used after one year. Know that if you are patient and you allow this mixture to decompose 6 more months, or 18 months, you will get a humus!

How to mulch?

To make a mulch you just have to cut your dead leaves more or less finely. For this, it is possible to use a mower or a trimmer. As you can see, the mower will be used on the ground and the edger can shred the leaves stored in a large container. Once the leaves are cut, spread them out. If your mulch is intended for shrubs, no need to shred your dead leaves.

And how to make fertilizer?

To make fertilizer, place your dead leaves in a large plastic container. Some also use garbage bags. Let the dead leaves decompose for 18 to 24 months then admire the result and enjoy your fertilizer.

Can we use any type of sheets?

No, some dead leaves can be toxic. They are dangerous for plants and even for us if we use them in a vegetable patch. This is the case with walnut leaves. If one of your trees is sick, and its leaves are spotted, don't use them either.

Do you have a tip to facilitate the collection of dead leaves?

Yes, invest in a blower or use your mower. Use the rake only for certain types of leaves that you do not want to use or that will have a particular function.

Any other tips?

Yes, it is possible to do a multitude of activities with dead leaves. Kids love it! Have them make a lion head, giant flowers or wreaths. Fallen leaves can also be used as a table decoration.