Tutorial: a necklace with a triangle pendant

Tutorial: a necklace with a triangle pendant

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Jewelry is a bit like shoes; we like to match them with each outfit. So when in addition you make them yourself, you can endlessly decline your favorite model! Today we will learn how to make a triangle pendant.


- flat nose pliers - a cutter or razor blade - two loaves of Fimo dough - two golden rings - a golden chain 40 cm long - a spring clasp - a needle Budget: about 15 € Duration: 1 hour (without count the cooking time)


1. To start, make a ball in each shade of Fimo. Make a larger ball for the main color.
2. Press the two balls until they are flat, then glue them together with strong pressure.
3. With the cutter, cut a triangle. Bake it for twenty minutes at 110 degrees, following the safety instructions.
4. Let the dough cool for thirty minutes, then pierce two holes at the ends with the needle. Hang the two golden rings.
5. Hook the spring clasp at the end of the chain, then pass the chain through the rings of the pendant. You can also cut the chain into two pieces and attach each ring to a piece of the chain.


Your necklace is finished! You can now have fun creating lots of other pendants of different shapes!

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