3 bulbs connected to the test bench

3 bulbs connected to the test bench

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With the advent of smartphones, home automation has become much more accessible to the general public: from the roller shutter through the food processor or heating, individuals can now control many elements from their mobile phones. On the lighting side, connected bulbs and lights are multiplying and playing the card of versatility. These small connected products are now able to play with colors, listen to music or monitor their home remotely! We have tested for you 3 bulbs with amazing functions, which will certainly change your outlook on lighting…

CamLIGHT: smile, you're filmed!

Launched by the AwoX brand last May, this low-consumption Wi-Fi LED bulb incorporates for the first time a high-definition (HD) video surveillance camera. A double function that allows you to monitor your home in his absence, remove the doubt in the event of an intrusion alarm or simply monitor the smallest. On the technical side, nothing could be simpler! The AwoX CamLIGHT is installed by replacing only a traditional screw bulb. Its manipulation is done very simply from your smartphone or tablet with the remote control application (AndroidTM and iOS) to have a global view of the room or the monitored area. It also makes it possible to produce still images and videos which can then be shared by email. The high-definition video sensor of this unique connected bulb detects movements and sends an alert to the user's smartphone in the event of an intrusion. Finally, the CamLIGHT is equipped with a zoom and remote position control to view the whole house and an infrared sensor for night vision. CamLIGHT by AwoX - 199 €

Lifx connected bulb: cherry red or lagoon blue, it's up to you!

Lifx Color 1000 is a bulb connected via Wi-Fi, designed to create personalized light atmospheres. Beyond a simple colored lighting, this bulb connected to the pointed design offers a wide range of functions: progressive intensity on waking and at bedtime, flashing light signal when the phone rings, programming in case of absence in the house, universe distinct and evolving light depending on the space… Controllable from a smartphone, the bulb authorizes the modification of the intensity of the colors it emits, the programming of switching on and off, or even automatic switching off when the user leaves the room. Several LIFXs can even connect to each other (a LIFX acts as a WiFi access point) and thus create an intelligent light atmosphere. However, the real plus of the Lifx connected bulb is inside its base: unlike its competitors, no WiFi controller is necessary, which is not to displease users! Lifx connected bulb - € 89.90

Lightify: A bulb and its application to easily connect your lighting

True digital revolution imagined by the engineers of Osram, this new system allows to personalize its light. Once the Lightify application has been downloaded from their Smartphone and / or tablet, the user can change the color of the light, adjust its intensity or even independently program each surrounding light source on site ... or remotely ! In terms of colors, the brand offers a choice of 16 million different shades. Scenes can be freely programmed and also remotely controlled (for example, a gentle awakening with a progressive light), allowing a totally rhythmic lighting for the daily life of its user and their habits. Several modes are available to automatically create different light atmospheres: “Relax” with warm light, “active” mode for stimulating light, ideal for offices or even “plant stimulus” mode for the garden. With simple and accessible operation, Lightify has the advantage of easily integrating into a WIFI network. No cables or additional installations! Once the bulbs are installed and the Lightify application downloaded, simply plug the Gateway module into a standard socket to connect it to the surrounding WIFI network: each bulb is connected to the network and can therefore be controlled from your Smartphone or tablet. Lightify by Osram Basic kit (with bulb + Gateway socket): € 99 To complete: - Additional bulb from € 39 - Additional spot from € 35 - Light fixture from € 79