Prepare your Advent calendar for the holidays

Prepare your Advent calendar for the holidays

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December 1 is fast approaching so don't waste time and treat yourself to the Advent calendar that will allow you to count the days between you and Christmas. Zoom on these very greedy calendars. If at the origin, the calendars of Advent are a Germanic tradition where one discovered every day a word of the Gospel, the calendars with small windows now reveal each day a delicacy or a small toy to delight the children.

Advent calendars with original shapes

In the 21st century, Advent calendars take on original forms! If you still find fir trees or wooden houses, the calendar is also dematerialized to create a surprise. There are candles to burn every day, garlands with small sachets but also trees with a tea bag for each day. You can even find Advent calendars for pets with suitable treats.

Advent calendar to create yourself

Note that you can also create your own calendar. In many stores like Ikea or Cultura, you will find very pretty calendars that you will have to fill yourself with treats. Online stores such as Les Griottes offer children to fill their personalized Christmas sock with 25 riddles. If you are inspired, you can also imagine your calendar with cardboard, small sachets or other small boxes. But hurry, you don't have much time left!
Discover our selection of Advent calendars to prepare for Christmas.