Everything you need to know about Tiny Houses

Everything you need to know about Tiny Houses

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Are we at the dawn of a housing revolution? According to the many projects of Tiny Houses on the other side of the Atlantic, the answer is yes. Today, having an alternative habitat is possible. The Tiny Houses are the perfect example since they represent a human-sized, economic and ecological habitat, which allows you to focus on the essentials. To find out more about the Tiny Houses, we contacted Laëtitia Dupé, designer. She created her own Tiny House in Nantes. Laëtitia allows us today to discover its incredible project, called Baluchon, and to learn more about the operation and regulations related to Tiny Houses.

Can everyone have their Tiny House?

Yes, everyone can have a Tiny House. However, the small size of this habitat must be taken into account. You have to be motivated and educate yourself before embarking on the adventure. Families, for example, can hardly make it their primary residence. However, the Tiny Houses are a second home of choice! They do not require a building permit and can therefore be installed on non-constructible land.

How much does a Tiny House cost?

My Tiny House cost € 16,000 of materials, as it is self-construction, there was no labor to pay. For a complete Tiny House, a budget of € 40,000 is required.

What are the annual fees to be expected?

A Tiny House consumes very little electricity and water. Operating costs are therefore minimal. With solar panels, the Tiny House can stand on its own. No need for heating!

Can we rent a Tiny House?

There are few Tiny Houses in France today and they are all operated by their owners. Some make it their primary residence, others their secondary residence. Today, hotels and more specifically campsites are interested in renting Tiny Houses to complete their accommodation offer.

Where to park a Tiny House?

Parking a Tiny House is very complex. There are few models in France and a legal vacuum exists at this level. You must therefore request authorization from the municipality in which you wish to live and place the Tiny House on private land. When traveling, the Tiny House can be parked in specific spaces, such as a motorhome!

How to move a Tiny House?

To move a Tiny House, it is imperative to have a trailer permit, BE permit. A suitable vehicle such as a van, 4x4 or pick-up and an approved trailer are also essential.

And you, where are you in the Tiny House Baluchon adventure?

I started my Tiny House a year ago. The conception took me 8 months part time. I am a designer by trade, which helped me with the plans, the design and the volume. I was helped by my family and friends. My uncle works in wood and had a major role in construction. In the end, it is a real participative project! I do not yet live in my Tiny House, I am awaiting an authorization. To find out more, visit the Tiny House Baluchon website!