Modern and rustic cuisine at the same time: mission impossible?

Modern and rustic cuisine at the same time: mission impossible?

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Rustic cuisine as it was designed in the 70s and 80s is no longer popular with the general public today. With its wooden cupboards, its old-fashioned credenza and its old-fashioned look, we tend to revamp it, even to change it from A to Z in favor of a more modern layout. However, everything is not to be forgotten in "old-fashioned" kitchens: certain elements, mixed with a more contemporary style, can have a very chic look! Demonstration in pictures.

Choose your furniture and accessories carefully

Mixing rustic and modern styles represents a real challenge, which can easily switch to the decorative faux pas. However with a little trick, the challenge is far from impossible! The total look is no longer in vogue today, you can completely dare to mix styles and eras ... If you want to modernize your rustic kitchen, or on the contrary bring a "country" touch to your modern kitchen, you just need to adopt a few key elements specific to each atmosphere. Bet on contemporary kitchen furniture to which you associate a beautiful old piece of furniture (dresser, farm table ...). Complete the whole with some pretty accessories found in flea markets (jam bowl, vintage baskets, series of copper pans, etc.) to bring an extra soul to the room. Be careful all the same to keep a certain sobriety in the choice of colors and accessories so as not to fall into an overly kitsch atmosphere. Opt for sure values ​​such as black, gray, eggplant tones…

Customize closet doors

The obsolete look of rustic kitchens very often comes from wooden cupboard doors. Their shape, their smoked windows and their stylized locks no longer correspond to current tastes! Never mind, just replace them or simply customize them with special paint and new handles. Many brands are now surfing the "home staging" trend by offering ranges of products dedicated to the makeover of kitchen furniture: custom stickers, paint, resin ... with a little elbow grease and suitable equipment, it is now very easy to give a more contemporary look to your rustic kitchen.

A zellige credenza

It's no longer a secret, zellige has been making a comeback in our interiors for several seasons. This colorful earthenware of Moroccan origin is a delight for decoration lovers, who find through this material the atmosphere of interiors of yesteryear. The interior designers were not mistaken, and do not hesitate to integrate these small shiny tiles in many of their projects. Their advantage? They bring a nice rustic touch to the kitchens, while softening the sometimes too modern or refined lines present on the furniture. Like the decorator Sarah Lavoine, let yourself be tempted and dare to mix zellige / design for a kitchen full of contrasts! Another possibility is cement tiles: with their pretty retro look, they perfectly counterbalance a modern and very refined room. The Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola also uses this unexpected combination in many of her furnishings, for a warm rendering very appreciated by customers!