Connected objects for the home: the selection of high-tech pros

Connected objects for the home: the selection of high-tech pros

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Fork, bulbs and other everyday objects, connected objects are arriving at home! How can these objects improve our home? What practical uses can we expect from it? We went to ask our colleagues at Clubic, high-tech specialists, these questions. In exchange for a few cookies, they gave us their selection of connected objects for the home. A list to send directly to Santa Claus. Fifteen years ago, high-tech was the PC, the printer, the scanner, CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors and the 56K modem. In distribution, we talk about gray household appliances. The connected house already exists, but the achievements that seem a little avant-garde are expensive and are done through specialized operators. Today, high-tech is the smartphone, the tablet, flat screens, the cloud, 4G… and connected objects. The latter, who are only just starting out in a booming market, are largely destined for the home. Here is a range of possibilities to connect your home and improve your daily life.

Invoxia Triby: the kitchen speaker

This small speaker that runs on battery and comes to magnetize on a refrigerator is a device quite unique in the landscape of connected objects. In addition to streaming music wirelessly via Wi-Fi (Spotify account and Internet radios) or Bluetooth (directly from the smartphone), the Triby is also used to communicate with your loved ones. Either make free calls to mobiles equipped with the Triby app, or converse with another Triby. Its screen allows you to broadcast messages and drawings, and the Triby can also play the role of hands-free kit. Invoxia Triby connected speaker, € 199.99

NodOn switch: wireless and battery-free

To simplify the life of those who want to change the layout of a room, the French NodOn offers mobile switches (you can wear them like remote controls or fix them with adhesive on the wall) which control connected power outlets . And they work without batteries! In fact, the EnOcean protocol uses magneto-resistive technology: the mechanical energy of the click is enough to produce the little current necessary to send the ON or OFF message to the socket. Count 45 euros the switch and as much for the socket. NodOn wireless remote control, from € 44.90

Philips Hue 2.0: smart home lighting

The lighting was connected with the arrival of the LED bulbs. Philips and its Hue range are among the forerunners in this area. The system consists of a gateway (a Wi-Fi box that must be connected to the Internet box of the house) and Wi-Fi LED bulbs available in E27 or GU10 base. Lighting is then controlled via the Hue application: choice of intensity, colors, white temperature, programming, remote control and even synchronization with the brand's AmbiLight televisions. Philips Hue Starter Kit, € 199

Withings Aura: for gentle awakenings

We already knew the bedside lamps supposed to reproduce daybreak, by associating variable brightness and sound environment conducive to the awakening of the senses, gently. The French Withings added to this a good dose of intelligence, thanks to a sensor that is hidden under the mattress. It measures movements and heart rate to determine the phases of sleep, then sends this information when you wake up in the morning who will then take you out of the arms of Morpheus at the best time, with light and music. Withings Aura alarm clock, from € 259

Sonos Play: 5: music throughout the house

Music everywhere in the house that you start from your smartphone? This is the whole concept of digital multiroom audio systems, of which the Californian Sonos is the pioneer. In the full range of connected speakers, the latest Play: 5 are certainly the most attractive. Big sound, serious manufacturing, practical ergonomics, they combine perfectly with small Play: 1. Play speakers: 5 Sonos, from € 579

MyFox Home Alarm: security for everyone

Connected objects all rely on the cloud, i.e. remote online services. A system that fits perfectly with the needs of remote monitoring. The French MyFox has developed a connected alarm that anyone can install in their home very simply. It detects actions on door or window openings equipped with the detector, including the first vibrations of the break-in. Combined with a Security Camera, the solution helps protect your home and soothe its occupants. MyFox Home alarm, from € 294