We are preparing for the Christmas challenge!

We are preparing for the Christmas challenge!

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This year, to spend a month of December - almost - serene, the editorial team is bending over backwards to help you be on top of the organization. Every year it's the same thing, you find yourself on December 24 looking desperately for a gift for your mother-in-law, a turkey recipe to cook in 15 minutes max, a pretty but not kitsch centerpiece, Christmas balls that do not break because of the cat ... In two hours, we do not hide it, the task will not be easy. And will cost you a few cold sweats. With, we say stop to chaotic Christmas! This year, we will spend an organized, serene and very decorative month of December! For this, every day in December, our editorial staff will give you good advice and gift ideas, like an advent calendar for serenity.
On the program: - lots of ideas for small budgets - lots of bright and easy-to-make DIY ideas - nice things to download - including a very nice collaboration with a designer we love to! - a surprise guest, Natacha, who will make us live the preparations for Christmas from the inside, with humor and pragmatism. Last but not least, every day, there will be gifts to win with our great Christmas contests! Do we meet on December 1?


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