Tutorial: a concrete star

Tutorial: a concrete star

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If concrete was a person, here is what his profile could say: under his air of hard and insensitive material, he is someone who knows how to be very fine. Very comfortable in society, he knows how to adapt to each situation. However, beware of those who do not use the right methods: it can also be very fragile. Today, follow our method to make a concrete star for your decor!


- a bag of quick-setting mortar or cement - enough wooden planks to build the formwork - a saw - a trowel - a square - a tape measure - a screwdriver - wood screws - a pencil - a tarpaulin and a container to make the mixture Budget: around 15 € Duration: 1 hour (not including the concrete drying time)


1. Start by cutting pieces of wood to create the star formwork. Fix all the pieces with wood screws on a board (we used scrap parquet). Prepare another plank with the dimensions of the star which will be used to compress the cement during drying.
2. Prepare the mortar mixture, scrupulously respecting the dosages. Even if you may have the impression that water is lacking at the start, do not add any more, the mixture becomes more and more liquid by mixing it.
3. Fill the formwork with the mortar mixture. Place the board on top as a cover, then place it on a heavy object on top.
4. Once the concrete is completely dry, remove the top board, then carefully disassemble the entire formwork. Lightly sand the star with very fine grain if necessary. You get a raw concrete star.


Your concrete star is now over! You can also give it a very designer look, like waxed concrete, by applying a layer of special cement varnish. Very trendy, decorative concrete objects can be invited in any room of your house!

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