10 gift ideas for DIY lovers

10 gift ideas for DIY lovers

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Does your mom like to create personalized cards? Your best friend spends hours writing down her next decorative creations? It is therefore to DIY accessories that we invite you to turn to make them the perfect Christmas gift! Discover the 10 ideas we have thought of without further ado. With them, charcoals, balls of yarn, all kinds of glitter and pretty pieces of paper hang everywhere ... Your loved ones are in love with DIY! Their fingers itch, they have to create pretty little things! That's good, A, we got you 10 gift ideas that will melt them. From the DIY Big Book of Emilie Guelpa, the talented author of the Griottes blog, who just came out at Marabout to the pretty "wool bowl" fox - our favorite! - without forgetting the IWWI kit to make a macrame pendant light, pretty like everything, a terrifyingly practical episcope to reproduce on your walls and up to 14 times larger a drawing that you will have made or a nice notebook illustrated by Sonia Cavallini to note all his ideas…
1 / Le Grand livre du DIY, by Emilie Guelpa, € 29 at Marabout / 2. The "Home Made" stamp, € 5.90 on Etsy / 3. The exotic notebook illustrated by Sonia Cavallini, € 11 on Etsy / 4 The sewing book, € 6 on Le Club des Sottes / 5. The Tracer episcope, € 99.99 on Amazon / 6. The "time suspended" kit, € 26 on IWWI / 7. The garland of letters to customize, € 3 at Hema / 8. Dispenser 4 masking tapes, € 6.20 at La Petite Épicerie / 9. The wool bowl, € 28 on Etsy / 10. The Kit "Everything to customize my business", 19.95 € at La Petite Épicerie.


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