How to remove a stain of acrylic paint on fabric?

How to remove a stain of acrylic paint on fabric?

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The drop of too much on the brush and there is a nice stain of paint just damaged your work clothes. Fortunately for you, there are tips to remove it, provided you act quickly. And to help you, the editorial team gives you its advice.

A stain of paint? Act quickly!

Whichever method you choose, the golden rule is to act quickly! The faster you treat this splash, the more likely you are to repair the damage. To do this, using a spoon or knife, remove the excess paint. If it is still wet, you will need to dab the stain with a cloth to absorb the excess paint. Regardless of the product used, make sure at the end of the journey to wash and dry your fabric.

Dishwashing liquid

Here is an easy method to apply, because who does not have washing up liquid at home? First step, turn over the stained garment and put it under hot water to remove as much paint as possible. Then mix equal parts washing-up liquid and hot water. Using a sponge or lint-free cloth, vigorously dab your stain, taking care not to rub too much so as not to spread it. Rinse with water and, if necessary, repeat the operation with detergent.

The glass cleaner

Want to opt for this solution? Be aware, however, that it can sometimes damage the fabric. So, make sure to test the product beforehand in an inconspicuous place. If everything is ok, it's time to take action. Then gently dab the stain with a cloth. Then spray your cleaner on a cloth, place the stain on the neck of a bottle of solvent and moisten it with a little acetone. Using your rag, dab it and then wash your garment quickly to prevent this abrasive mixture from damaging the fabric.


First step: dip the affected area in isopropanol. Then using a scraper or a knife, scrape the paint to remove it from the fabric. Then, all you have to do is put your garment in the machine.

Ammonia and vinegar

Soak the stained part in a bucket of water. Then mix in a bowl and equal amounts of ammonia and white vinegar and add a handful of salt. Once the soaking water has been emptied, rub the stain with this mixture. Remember to wet it occasionally with this substance until the stain begins to disappear and then wipe the fabric with clear water.