Tutorial: a bed table for your brunches under the duvet

Tutorial: a bed table for your brunches under the duvet

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When we see photos of brunches served in bed, we often forget the hidden side of the romantic moment, that is: crumbs in the duvet, spilled orange juice and hair that sticks. Okay, we may be a little bit bad language and the truth is that we would also like to do it, brunches in bed! So today, we are going to learn how to create a bed table for brunching… or working!


- two wooden boards 170 cm long, 40 cm wide and 2 cm thick - a saw - a screwdriver - wood screws - four stamped brackets - a mass - a drill - wooden journals - wood glue - wood oil - a brush - abrasive paper - a tape measure - a pencil Budget: around 20 € Duration: 2 hours


1. To start, cut the wooden pieces to the following dimensions: - a piece of 170 x 40 cm; - two pieces of 75 x 40 cm. Sand all of the wooden pieces and apply a layer of oil, scrupulously respecting the instructions.
2. The table top and the two legs are fixed with two wooden pins each. Place the marks on the feet and transfer them to the tray. Drill the holes with a wood drill. Put a point of glue on each pin before assembling the three pieces of wood. If necessary, then screw two stamped brackets on each side to solidify the structure.
3. Finally, attach two casters under the legs of the table so that you can easily move it.
4. You can then leave it permanently above the bed or use it as a wall shelf while waiting.


Your bed table is now finished! You can use it for a gourmet brunch, to work on your computer or even as a pedestal table when placed against the wall.

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