7 Christmas decor ideas with candles

7 Christmas decor ideas with candles

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If you want to create your own Christmas decoration for your Christmas Eve table as well as for your interior, here are the ideas we have gleaned from the Internet. All you have to do is sit down with your children to create candle holders and candle jars that we won't see in everyone.

Use jars as decorative items

To create pretty homemade candle holders at low cost, take empty glass jars and place a colored candle, preferably large enough. You can then customize the jar with stickers, stencils and paint, or just a pretty ribbon. For a more vegetal atmosphere, fill your jars with water and float a tealight. Add some rose petals or branches, being careful that the flame does not touch the plants.

Original candlesticks

Here are some unusual DIY ideas! Take old spools of wooden wire, cover them with decorative paper or paint them in the color of your choice and place large candles. To make yourself an unusual candlestick, stick a candle in a small pie dish, which you will have previously dished. Guaranteed effect!

Surround the cinnamon candles

It is one of the easiest Do It Yourself to do and will last a very long time! Commercially, buy several cinnamon branches and form a small bundle around the candle, which you will tie with rope or ribbon. For the little decorative touch in addition, you can stick small accessories that remind of Christmas like holly, for example. The advantage? Your candles will be delicately scented with cinnamon!

Divert everyday objects

Do you want to change the eternal candlesticks that you put out every year at Christmas? Use empty bottles or jars you don't use and paint them the same color as the candles you want to light. You will then get candlesticks perfect for a contemporary or industrial interior.

Create poetic tealight holders

With paper, cut out pretty little cottages and put a tealight inside. You will have an illuminated village to have throughout your Christmas table. You can also create a tealight holder by cutting out the shape of a tree from patterned paper, which you will then stick to a glass jar.

Make bright fruit

For a warm Christmas, make original supports with fruit. Peel clementines and cut stars (or other patterns as you wish). The candle light will pass through in pretty orange tones. Another solution: empty small apples to place a tealight candle.

Create a luminous centerpiece

In order to decorate your Christmas table at a low price, place several candles of the same color but not of different sizes on a tray and fix them. If you do not want to install them as a centerpiece on your dining table, put everything in front of a window to light your room and so that the neighbors can enjoy it from the outside!